Technicote, Inc. Announces New ERP Business Software System

By October 16, 2014E-News

erppic2Effective Monday, November 3, 2014, Technicote and our Sil Tech and Westfield sales divisions will be implementing a new ERP business software system throughout all departments in the company. This upgraded platform will enable Technicote to provide better service to our customers with improved accuracy and efficiency.  These system enhancements will have little to no affect as to how you conduct business with Technicote and will not impact order placement for our products.

Noticeable Changes:

The software improvements will result in changes in the format of some documents you receive from Technicote such as invoices, order acknowledgments, certificates of analysis, and certificates of compliance and shipping documents.  These documents will still contain all of the essential product information provided in the past, just rearranged within the document. A list of the key changes is shown in the following table.  To view a representative sample of these forms, please click on the corresponding Adobe .pdf file.

Non-Shipment Period:

To insure a smooth transition to the new ERP system, Technicote will initiate a non-shipment period from Saturday, November 1 through Tuesday November 4, 2014 to allow for data base changeover. We encourage our customers to immediately contact our customer service or sales representatives to verify and coordinate orders have been placed to meet your business delivery requirements before or after the non-shipment period.

We invite you to pass this communication along to others in your organization so that they are aware too. If there are any questions or concerns about how this change will affect your account, please contact your sales representative. We appreciate your cooperation during the initial stages of this ERP process.


There is a totally new look for the Certificate of Compliance. Each roll number and lot number will have their respective releases and adhesive coat weights listed. The test protocol, item specifications, and customer data will be transferred over into the new Certificate of Compliance.

Certificate of Compliance


The Release Liner Certification has a new look, but will continue to contain the same information as the previous form.


Technicote invoices will appear the same with all pertinent information with only aesthetic appearance changes. However, you will now only receive one copy of the invoice. Going forward, you must submit a copy of the invoice along with your payment.



All pertinent Purchase Order information will now be in a much easier to read format. For each PO submitted you will now receive one Order Acknowledgement from Technicote. Our new acknowledgment, as before, will have all items, cuts, pricing and shipping information on one document. This will make it easier for order verification.

Order Acknowledgement


The new Technicote Packing Slip will have the Technicote logo affixed. “Ship to” information stays the same. There is a description of the items being shipped, with a redesigned format for the number of rolls, width, and length. The packing slip will also reference the Technicote sales order, along with the customer order number. The number of skids will be included, along with the shipping weight.

<a href="http://www.technicote navigate to this” target=”_blank”>Packing Slip


]The new roll label will have the same features of the existing roll label, with the addition of a QR 2D barcode for the roll/lot number. This barcode enhances scan ability of the roll/lot number for inventory purposes.

Roll Tag


Label Traxx will have no changes to the order function and will continue to meet your expectations.