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UV Inkjet Label Products

Technicote is pleased to announce our new, innovative facestocks and films optimal for UV inkjet label printing. With a topcoat new to North America, our products have been tested and approved across the newest UV inkjet technology by multiple OEM print engines.

Right Development

Technicote has worked with leading topcoating partners to ensure the best UV inkjet topcoats are used on all our materials.

Tested and Proven

  • Proven films and facestocks are available with multiple UV inkjet OEMs to certify print on material.
  • Technicote has successful partnerships with many leading converters.

Enabling Success

Our proven products enable the benefits of the fastest growing print method in roll labeling printing.

  • Variety: Several items are stocked for your convenience and we will always work with you on your specific needs.
  • Dry Edge: UV inkjet products have been developed with dry edge technology to keep your press clean.
  • 13″ Pre-Slits: For your convenience we stock the width you need for your inkjet press.

UV Inkjet Label Applications

Technicote materials service a wide range of market applications including Food and Prime Label, Specialty Beverage, Health & Beauty and the Durables market.

Industry Innovator

Porous papers and some films need specific coatings to allow the UV inks to cure properly for the best full color image resolution. We have collaborated with a partner to develop coatings specifically for films and porous papers using UV inkjet. Technicote will continue to work with a variety of OEM partners to pre-certify your substrates so that you don’t have to.

UV Inkjet Label Product Brochure

For the full list of available items, download our UV Inkjet Products Brochure.

UV Inkjet Label
UV Inkjet Label

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