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Storm Polypropylene Label Materials

Introducing Storm Polypropylene Labels

The perfect storm of performance, savings and service to give you the competitive advantage in today’s competitive label market

Are you printing on HP Indigo; in-line priming for a digital print engine; or corona treating, printing and over-laminating? Why over-engineer your product by using a top-coated facestock? If you are looking to decrease costs but retain quality, Technicote’s Storm polypropylene labels are the right choice. Our line of NTC Storm products allows you to achieve considerable savings while still delivering a quality solution.

For the full list of available items, download our Storm Polypropylene Label Products brochure.

High Performance

You won’t sacrifice printability or adhesion with quality Storm products.

  • Excellent stiffness for label dispensing and diecuts & strips excellent on press
  • Facestocks provide outstanding opacity, whiteness and adhesion for coatings and inks

Best-In-Industry Service

Technicote’s service programs provide amazing agility and customization.

  • Our Rapid Run program provides pre-slit 13″ x 5,000′ rolls that ship the same day if ordered before 2:00 PM ET for orders up to 20,000 MSI
  • A variety of customized products in the Storm line are part of our Tech25 custom coat program allowing orders as low as 2,500′
  • If a stock item is not the right solution, our experienced technical team is ready to create a unique item to fit your needs

Tremendous Value

Storm offers a full line of products without top-coating to give you a competitive price advantage.

  • Don’t over-engineer your solutions
  • Our Rapid Run program eliminates excess inventory
  • 13″ pre-slit rolls save the expense of purchasing a full master roll

Part of a Vast Line of Polypropylene Products

Technicote has one of the largest selections of Prime Polypropylene items available in the industry.


Unwanted adhesive transfer during the printing process is detrimental to both the final product and to equipment, causing unnecessary costs and downtime. To solve this issue, Technicote has developed Dry Edge technology. This unique line of label materials incorporates 1/8″ adhesive-free edges to decrease bothersome ooze while increasing speed, productivity and efficiency. Check out our Dry Edge Label products brochure for more information, or contact your sales representative.

Technicote‘s Industry-Leading Same-Day Shipping Program!

With the rise of customized products and fast-moving innovation across consumer products, converter lead times continue to shrink. To meet the demand of immediate material, Technicote now offers SAME-DAY SHIPPING on pre-slit 13″ x 5,000′ rolls when ordered by 2:00 PM ET. (Available for orders up to 20,000 MSI.)

Storm Polypropylene Label BOPP
Storm Polypropylene Labels BOPP
BOPP Storm Polypropylene Label

Partial List of Storm Polypropylene BOPP Label Products

6810242 mil Storm Clear BOPP / TS523 LPG / 40#SCK52" / 13” pre-slitx 2,500' / 5,000'
9915422 mil Storm Clear BOPP / TS523 LPG / 1.2 mil PET52"x 2,500'
9721222.3 mil Storm White BOPP / TS523 LPG / 40#SCK52" / 13” pre-slitx 2,500' / 5,000'
9815492.3 mil Storm White BOPP / TS523 LPG / 1.2 mil PET52"x 2,500'
9915462 mil Storm Metallized BOPP / TS523 LPG / 40#SCK NEW!52" / 13” pre-slitx 2,500' / 5,000'
9915432 mil Storm Metallized BOPP / TS523 LPG / 1.2 mil PET NEW!52"x 2,500'

Have questions or need a quote for Storm Polypropylene BOPP Labels? Contact us here.