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Piggyback Label Products and Materials

Piggyback label products are extremely useful multi-layer label applications with a top layer that is reappliable and a bottom layer that stays affixed to the original substrate. Technicote is a leader in piggyback materials with decades of experience. Whether you are looking for a piggyback construction that includes removable adhesive, film piggybacks that offer stronger durability, image liners, or half-back products, we have hundreds of items to choose from. Can’t find an existing product that fits your needs? Our experienced technical team will work with you to create a custom solution.


Common applications of piggyback label products are in promotional mailers, the multi-point logistics market, direct mail applications, lottery-related materials, and small office/home office (SOHO) such as removable sticky notes.

Image Label Offerings

Technicote offers image-producing middle ply options. The image creates a carbon copy of the top label; making it the perfect solution for hand-written or impact printing.

Technical Experience

With long-term expertise in piggyback constructions paired with specialty-focused coating assets, Technicote has the ability to develop innovative piggyback products including middle ply film liners, customized release levels, and various permanent, removable and all-temp adhesives.

Comprehensive Customization

More than 200 active unique piggyback products allows Technicote to consistently provide a superior solution for end users.

Solving Custom Configurations for Piggyback Label Products

In addition to the commonly asked questions needed for piggyback material recommendation—application usage, environmental exposure, and label lifespan—these are the key questions asked when reviewing custom piggyback label products:

Is the piggyback a single or double die cut?
Is the piggyback for a fan-folding or affixing label application?
If a removable layer is needed, what is that layer of the piggyback being applied to?

We’re here to help

Not finding what you need from our hundreds of available options? Technicote’s technical team is ready to help you with your custom piggyback construction. Simply submit the form below to get started!

For more information about our piggyback label products

We’re here to help you create the custom solution your client needs. Looking for a short run? We can do it. Have a difficult application? We have the product. Need durable labels fast? We can deliver. No matter what your project is, Technicote has the solution!