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Lumber and Outdoor Tag Material

Lumber and Outdoor Tag Material

The outdoor elements create some of the most demanding challenges for tags and pressure sensitive laminates. Technicote’s lumber and other outdoor materials are among the most versatile and best suited solutions available today to combat such conditions and ensure the quality your products deserve.

Built to Last

Our lumber and outdoor tag materials are created  from a customizable list of facestocks, adhesives, and liners – each designed for the harsh conditions they live in. These materials withstand, hot, cold, wet or changing weather conditions all the while remaining intact, strong, and chemical resistant.

Wide Portfolio Selection

Whether you are looking for a tag option or a fully laminated construction, Technicote can help design the right solution.

The Right Product

Technicote is proud of its knowledgeable technical staff creating new products and providing application recommendations. To learn more about Technicote’s application for its lumber and outdoor tags call us today at (800) 358- 4448 and ask to speak with technical.

Lumber and Outdoor Tag Material

Technicote has manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America and has grown steadily from its founding in 1980 to be a major supplier to the release liner and pressure sensitive roll label industries. We heard from many customers that their needs could be better met in the industry if they could order much lower custom-coat minimums. So we developed processes and procedures to do just that.

For more information and technical specifications, download our Lumber and Outdoor Tag Material Brochure here.