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Food Packaging Tamper-Evident Label Products

Food delivery is a rapidly-increasing industry that has specific packaging requirements to assure security — adhesive closures must guarantee that contents are safe for consumption. Leveraging decades of experience and a full portfolio of Security Products, Technicote has developed a line of Food Packaging Tamper-Evident Label Film Products for this growing demand such as the Tamper-Proof Label Seals manufactured by Autostat Corporation with our Techni -Sheen White BOPP with Permanent Acrylic Adhesive. Whether on the plastic cup of a cool beverage or the paper container of a hot sandwich, Technicote Tamper-Evident Products will provide customers with peace of mind and you with many benefits, including:

Strong Adhesion

Technicote’s tamper evident food delivery materials are strong enough to adhere to a variety of packaging materials at a wide range of temperatures.

Excellent Speed

Paired with Technicote’s Ultimate liner, products are easy to convert and printing speeds can be maximized.

Quality Printing

All of our materials allow for restaurants to provide key information such as logos, website, address and phone numbers as well as date coding and variable data.

Technical Customization

Technicote’s experienced technical team can work with you to develop the right product for your specific application.

Food Packaging Tamper-Evident Label Product Brochure

For the full list of available items, download our Food Packaging Tamper-Evident Label Products Brochure.

Technicote is a true partner. They supported us in the development of this product solution for our new application every step of the way from recommending product options to supporting us through end use testing. We are pleased to work with a company that is supportive and engaged in our success.
-Paul Baer , President Autostat Corporation

Why use tamper-evident labels and stickers on food packaging?

Tamper-evident security labels are a must-have for food delivery packaging. A recent NPR survey found that food delivery customers were concerned with the security of their food and 85% recommended that restaurants incorporate tamper-evident packaging. That concern is apparently with good reason because, in the same survey, roughly 25% of drivers admitted that they helped themselves to the food that they were delivering!

Customers who prefer tamper-evident packaging

Drivers who ate customers' food

Available food packaging tamper-evident label products

Techni-Therm III / TP750 / 40#SCKMBO
#55 HiBright Semigloss / TP750 / 40#SCK TUMBO
2 mil Clear Polystyrene / TP750 / 40#SCK TUMBO
2.5 mil White Polystyrene / TP750 / 40#SCK TUMBO
Tamper Evident Polyart / TP750 / 40#SCK TUMBO
Techni-Therm III / AP151 @ 1.4 CWT / 40#SCK TUTHI, CCA
#55 HiBright Semigloss / AP151 @ 1.4 CWT / 40#SCK TUTHI, CCA
2 mil Clear Polystyrene / AP151 @ 1.4 CWT / 40#SCK TUCFO
2.5 mil White Polystyrene / AP151 @ 1.4 CWT / 40#SCK TUCFO
Tamper Evident Polyart / AP151 @ 1.4 CWT / 40#SCK TUCFO