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Introducing The Technicote Bumper Sticker Portfolio

Bumper stickers have been a consistent means of communication for decades. Not only are they a form of self-expression but they’re also a necessary component of promotion and identification. Exposed to the elements, the sticker materials must be properly engineered to stand up to a range of temperatures and weather while retaining visual impact. Trust our experienced technical team to create a solution that withstands the elements and looks great.

Bumper Sticker Material Variety

Technicote has a wide portfolio of Bumper Sticker products. Whether you are looking for more durable, weather-resistant labels or cost-effective paper, Technicote’s line includes dozens of materials including:

PET Films

Available in white and matte silver, these facestocks work in flexo and laser printers producing a finished material that is water, solvent and scuff resistant

Vinyl Films

Available in frosty clear, white and yellow, these highly durable facestocks are waterproof if splashed with water or left in the rain

Polypropylene Film & Semi-gloss Paper

Used for short-term applications or indoor applications that offer a value-priced bumper sticker offering


Permanent, Removable, Removable Microsphere


SCK, Layflat liners

Portfolio Highlights

  • Our line of materials provide excellent options for die-cutting, which allows you to create custom shapes and designs
  • The portfolio offers dimensional stability, which allows the final product to maintain its original shape and dimensions throughout the manufacturing process, storage, and product use
  • We provide bumper sticker products that withstand outdoor temperatures and offers weather resistance
  • Technicote’s layflat liner option is acceptable for sheet applications, allowing the label to resist curling
bumper sticker vw

After decades of automobile owners hanging signs made of cardboard or wood from their bumpers, Forrest P. Gill created the first bumper sticker — or “bumper strip” — in the 1940s. Its popularity dramatically increased after the 1952 presidential election and the Eisenhower campaign’s use of the medium for their “I Like Ike” slogan. Today, bumper stickers are used for a variety of needs including brand recognition, tourism, non-profits and more.

Bumper Sticker Product Benefits


Technicote’s portfolio has numerous stock material options to provide the durability and shelf appeal.

press friendlyPRESS-FRIENDLY

Our Bumper Sticker Portfolio is comprised of roll-fed and sheeted material to work with a wide variety of presses.


Reduce waste and costs — a 2,500′ minimum of custom coat roll label products through our Tech 25 program.

TECHNICALtechnical expertise EXPERTISE

Our knowledgeable team has been creating products for decades. We’ll ensure you get the right solution.

Product Chart

Roll-Fed7955PolyprintTS5233.2 mil Laser Liner
Roll-Fed835342 mil Matte White CP PolyesterTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed902642 mil Matte White CP PolyesterTM-654.6 mil LF
Roll-Fed959462 mil Matte White CP PolyesterTR4404.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed846332 mil Matte Silver CP PolyesterTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed46312 mil Matte Silver CP PolyesterTS52350#SCK
4 mil Flexible White NTC VinylTR4403.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed848774 mil Flexible White NTC VinylTS52350#SCK
Roll-Fed49114 mil Flexible White TC VinylTS52350#SCK
Roll-Fed19014 mil Flexible White TC VinylTR44050#SCK
Roll-Fed61724 mil Flexible White TC VinylTR44065# FBK
Roll-Fed990934 mil Flexible White TC VinylTR4403.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed93234 mil Flexible White TC VinylTS5234.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed848764 mil Flexible Yellow TC Vinyl TS5234.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed48754 mil Flexible Yellow TC Vinyl TS52350#SCK
Roll-Fed81604 mil Frosty Clear TC VinylTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed940444 mil Frosty Clear TC VinylTR4404.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed33024 mil Matte White CP VinylTR4404.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed946714 mil Matte White CP VinylTS5234.5 mil LF
Roll-Fed721782.3 mil Polar White BOPPTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed912822 mil Metallic TC BOPPTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed848012 mil Bright Silver TC PolyTS5233.4 mil LF
Roll-Fed800821260# Ultra White SemiglossTR4403.4 mil LF
Strata SheetSC-1034 mil Soft White TC Vinyl 24" x 18"Permanent80# Zero Score
Strata SheetSC-1944 mil Soft White TC Vinyl 24" x 18"Permanent80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-1054 mil Soft White TC Vinyl 27" x 38"Permanent80# Zero Score
Strata SheetSC-0464 mil Soft White TC Vinyl 27" x 20"Permanent80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-1084 mil Soft White TC Vinyl 27" x 38"Repositionable80# Zero Score
Strata SheetSC-4164 mil White Vinyl Dual Purpose DTC 12" x 18"Permanent80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-4664 mil White Vinyl Dual Purpose DTC 12" x 18"Repositionable80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-4674 mil Matte Clear Vinyl Dual Purpose DTC 12" x 18"Permanent80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-5454 mil White Vinyl Dual Purpose DTC 13" x 19"Permanent80# Scorebak
Strata SheetSC-5554 mil White Vinyl Dual Purpose DTC 13" x 19"Repositionable80# Scorebak
Strata Sheet101934 mil Flexible White NTC VinylTM-6580# Scorebak
Strata Sheet101954 mil Flexible White NTC VinylTM-6580# Scorebak
Strata Sheet4814 mil Flexible White TC VinylPermanent80# Scorebak
Strata Sheet2644 mil Flexible White TC VinylTM-6580# Zero Score
Strata Sheet2264 mil Soft White TC VinylRemovable80# Zero Score
Strata Sheet30614 mil Soft White TC VinylPermanent80# Zero Score
Strata Sheet101944 mil Soft White TC VinylTM-6580# Scorebak
Strata Sheet87914 mil FLEX YELLOW TC VINYLPermanent80# Zero Score
Strata Sheet6144 mil Frosty Clear TC VinylPermanent80# Scorebak
Strata Sheet677454 mil Frosty Clear TC VinylPermanent80# Zero Score
Strata Sheet940444 mil Frosty Clear TC VinylRemovable4.5 mil LF