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Toll Coating Equipment


Looking for an experienced partner for toll coating or slitting your unique foil, film, paper or liner material? Technicote boasts decades of coating service coupled with great customer care. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of specialized and industry-approved adhesives to provide custom solutions. Technicote provides expert technical support and quick turnaround while staunchly protecting your proprietary materials.


Our dedicated teams — with 40 years of toll coating experience — will undoubtedly provide the right solution and meet customer timing.


Protecting your product is absolutely critical to Technicote — your material is kept confidential throughout our process.


Technicote is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and our manufacturing operators are experienced at running toll coat jobs.

Job Size

Technicote’s process particularly allows quick delivery for orders of all sizes. We’ll handle jobs starting at the 5,000′ minimum up to large orders for Fortune 500 end users.

Slitting & Sheeting

Besides coating, Technicote can provide custom slitting and sheeting for certain toll coat projects.


Pair your facestock with dozens of Technicote’s specialized items to match application requirements. Our business is certainly about variety.

Toll coating is easy to pair with many Technicote adhesives

Pair your facestocks and liners with Technicote’s specialized adhesives such as: Acrylic, Modified Acrylics, Rubber Based, and Hot Melt. Our capabilities include 0.6 – 1.5 mil adhesive thickness and multiple zone thermal drying.

Contract manufacturing capabilities

Technicote’s coating services as well as sheeting and slitting are perfect for supplied films, foils, and paper materials. Above all, we will work together with you to create the right solution. As a result, you’ll develop new products, meet customer timing and feel confident in the final product.

Films Variety of films including PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC 1 – 14 mil / 26″, 27″, 30″, 52″ or 60″ wide / 20″ – 40″ Outside Diameter
Foils Experience working with a variety of paper and metallized foils 2 – 10 mil / 26″, 27″, 30″, 52″ or 60″ wide / 20″ – 40″ Outside Diameter
Paper Variety of papers including commodity, tag and specialty papers 2 – 12 mil / 26″, 27″, 30″, 52″ or 60″ wide / 20″ – 40″ Outside Diameter
Sheeting Paper and film pressure sensitive products; tag products Can sheet custom requested sizes

Why toll coating?

Partner with Technicote if your group is looking to expand capacity, increase your product portfolio or offer premium solutions. Contract manufacturing allows for increased customization using our unique adhesives with films, papers and foils. In other words, with toll coating, an organization contracts an outside company like Technicote to coat their facestock into a pressure sensitive material.