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Celebrating Our History

Technicote has a rich history of proudly serving the pressure sensitive industry. Enjoy the timeline below as this historical recap celebrates our founders’ ingenuity and drive, our team’s resiliency when faced with adversity, and the ongoing passion for innovation. Here’s to 40 years!

  • 1980 Technicote Incorporates

    Technicote incorporates in July, 1980 by founders Dirk Deanzo (left) and John Petel (right) with their first facility, in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, focusing on specialty products that competitors in the industry couldn’t produce.

  • 1981 Terre Haute, IN, plant opened

    Technicote develops quickly during their first year. A second facility, a plant in Terre Haute, Indiana, is built to enter the commodity business while leadership focuses on employees by introducing profit sharing plan.

  • 1983 Third plant opens in Miamisburg, OH

    Technicote opens their third plant in only three years. This new facility in Miamisburg, Ohio will become their corporate headquarters.

  • 1984 California expansion occurs

    To better serve west coast customers, aggressive expansion occurs as Technicote decides to build their next plant in California.

  • 1985 Industry leading sustainability practices are set

    As Technicote moves away from solvents and adopts entirely silicone coating, the company is recognized as an environmental leader in the industry.

  • 1986 First industry adhesive guide is created

    Technicote continues leading the industry by creating a first-of-its-kind Adhesive Guide which continues to this day.

  • 1988 The Sil Tech® brand launches

    Technicote Inc. launches their second brand, Sil Tech®, to create specialty release level liner products for a variety of industries including medical, construction, and automotive.

  • 1988 60″ coater installed in Terre Haute, IN

    Always striving to have the most capable equipment, Technicote chooses the Terre Haute facility to install their first 60″coater — setting the standard for the industry.

  • 1992 Tornado hits Cuyahoga Falls

    Technicote’s first plant in Cuyahoga Falls is hit by a tornado, causing major damage including completely tearing off its roof. Through an amazing response by Technicote employees, the plant was back in operation within 2 weeks.

  • 1993 Strata (Westfield) brand launches

    Originally communicated as Westfield/Strata, Technicote launched its third brand. The Strata brand was built to provide much-needed service to paper merchants in the sheeted business.

  • 1993 Specialty adhesives are developed

    The industry sees a need for specialty adhesives for custom applications rather than general usage solutions. Technicote leads the way with AT333 — a specialty freezer adhesive.

  • 1996 Wine label portfolio is introduced

    As wine label demands increase, Technicote launches their wine label portfolio and services the west coast with their California facility. The portfolio continues to increase in scope and scale today with items such as Bright White Cotton products.

  • 2000 Technicote expands into Latin America

    With global opportunities increasing, Technicote continues North American expansion with a distribution center in Mexico to serve customers in Latin America.

  • 2004 Technicote develops Security Products

    Technicote’s technical team is responsible for engineering an entirely new line of products—the Security Portfolio. Items such as Tamper Evident Polyart are created as the rise in ecommerce increases the need for securing packages during shipment.

  • 2005 Earthfirst PLA launches

    Continuing their dedication to being environmentally-responsible, Technicote launches Earthfirst PLA in the North American PSA market. These products completely replaced petrochemical based resins with 100% compostable films made from corn.

  • 2008 Terre Haute, IN, plant expands

    To increase production and fulfillment capabilities in the midwest, Technicote expands their Terre Haute, Indiana plant.

  • 2011 Technicote expands digital line

    With the growing presence of digital printing, Technicote greatly expands it digital line to meet the new industry demand.

  • 2011 Fire destroys Cuyahoga Falls plant

    Once again, Technicote’s original facility suffered a devastating blow as fire raged through the Cuyahoga Falls plant. With a determined responsibility to the community, employees, and customers, the plant and equipment were rebuilt and at full operation within one year.

  • 2017 The Tech25 program launches

    Listening to customers needs, Technicote responds by creating Tech25. This program allows printers and converters to order as low as 2,500′ of custom-coat roll label products.

  • 2018 Emphasizing innovation and education

    As part of a continued effort to achieve the best solutions for our clients, ongoing innovation and education are increasingly emphasized. In 2018, the technical team develops a line of UV Inkjet Products while the Technicote University Education Series is launched for employees.

  • 2019 Multiple and service enhancements

    Technicote increases overall capability with an additional specialty coater at Cuyohoga Falls. This year also sees Technicote enhance their service to southeast customers with a Greensboro, North Carolina distribution center as well as develop new items like Sub Zero Freezer Grade Products.

  • 2020 Product development soars

    The innovation pipeline is creating myriad products. Technicote launches Peel Away TM-65 microsphere adhesive products, the Storm & Pearl Polypropylene portfolio, True Dairy 101 adhesive products, and many more.

  • 2020 Technicote turns 40

    Technicote celebrates four decades of serving their customers!


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