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Small Office & Home Office Applications

It is important now more than ever to provide materials for use in printers of a small office or home office (SOHO). The substantial increase in remote working as well as the affection for personalized brands have created a demand for materials that are uniquely designed to work in desktop laser and inkjet printers. Technicote’s SOHO portfolio provides a range of products that are proven effective for these applications. Along with our Tech 25 program (2,500′ MOQ) and an experienced technical team, Technicote is the right choice for small and home office printing solutions.

Benefits of Technicote small office and home office applications

Our entire SOHO portfolio of products are specifically designed to work for conventional & sheet-fed laser printers and copiers and inkjet printers for roll-sheet applications

Quality Printing

SOHO facestocks provide excellent toner bonding and high print resolution

Outstanding Adhesives

Our line of permanent and removable adhesives are resistant to high temperatures from laser printers

Excellent Layflat Characteristics

Our SOHO liner products avoid any unwanted curling and keep your projects running smooth

Small MOQ

Technicote will continue 2,500′ MOQ for Technicote Express items

Small and home office labels are perfect for the following applications


File & organizational

Promotional &
branding labels

Media labels
for CDs/DVDs

The importance of local and personal brands

Additionally, the rise of personalized and localized brands among consumers and distribution methods like Etsy require pressure-sensitive materials that have the right facestock, adhesive and liner. Consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 44.0% year over year and one of the fastest growing segments was personalized and localized brands. Over 150 million people are now using sites Etsy for personalized products and brands. More importantly, people are no longer buying 1x gift or seasonal purchases – they are turning to these retail formats and products for repeat business**. In fact, Etsy saw third-quarter 2020 GMS (value of sales on its marketplace) grow 119% year over year.