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Kids’ Stickers—Making smiles stick around

Stickers and decals provide kids with an opportunity for creative play and self-expression. As part of this process, children position (and reposition) stickers just about everywhere, including on themselves! As such, the sticker materials must be safe, non-damaging to surfaces and, in some instances, removable or repositionable. With our technical expertise, Technicote can work quickly with our customers to find the right solution for their given application.

Kids’ Sticker Portfolio Highlights


Adhesive options are compliant with toxicity standards that deem products child safe.

Flexibility and Strength

Our materials offer good flexibility and high internal strength for ease in converting, which decreases costs while increasing production and profitability.

Sheeted Product Highlights


Our sheeted material is an excellent option for die-cutting, allowing printers to create custom shapes and designs that are perfect for booklets. This is especially important as many shapes tend to be included on the same sheet.

Dimensional Stability

Material offers dimensional stability, allowing the product to maintain its original shape and dimensions throughout the manufacturing process, storage and product use. This is especially important in terms of preventing curling that could render sheeted materials unusable.

Contact your Technicote roll fed sales rep or Strata sheeted sales rep for more information about Kid Sticker Products.

kids sticker products

DIE CUT VS. KISS CUT: Both die-cut and kiss-cut stickers are digitally printed on white BOPP that can be finished with a UV lamination for resistance to fading and outdoor durability. The main difference between these two cutting methods is that die-cut stickers have a crack and peel design that allows the sticker backing to align exactly with the shape and size of the sticker whereas kiss-cut stickers have a laser cut design that allows a small amount of the sticker backing to show as a solid border framing the sticker. Aside from the existence or absence of this border, the stickers appear exactly the same.

Kids’ Stickers Product Benefits


Technicote offers numerous stock materials that may be used on our variety of layflat liners to retain original shape.

press friendlyPRESS-FRIENDLY

Our Kid Sticker Portfolio is comprised of roll-fed and sheeted material to work with a wide variety of presses.


Reduce waste and costs — a 2,500′ minimum of custom coat roll label products through our Tech 25 program.

TECHNICALtechnical expertise EXPERTISE

Our knowledgeable team has been creating products for decades. We’ll ensure you get the right solution.

Kids’ Stickers Roll Fed Products

60# Ultra White SemiglossPermanent3.4 Mil Layflat
55# Hibright White SemiglossRemovable4.6 Mil Layflat
Technigloss II 57#Ultra-Removable *Excluding TM-55
4 Mil Flexible White TC Vinyl
Laminated Foils
Holographic Polyesters
2.3 Mil Polar White BOPP
2.3 Mil Pearl White BOPP

Kids’ Stickers Sheeted Products

Bright White Semi-GlossPermanent3.4 Mil Layflat
High Gloss Cast CoatedRemovable4.6 Mil Layflat
4 Mil Flexible White TC VinylUltra-Removable
Laminated Foils