Technicote Achieves British Maritime BS 5609 Certification for Durable Label Line of Products

By February 4, 2013Press Releases

Technicote, Inc. has achieved British Standard BS 5609: Section 2 – ‘Marine and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials’ on six durable film pressure sensitive label products.
BS 5609 is a specification for adhesive coated products intended for marine use. Labels are typically used to display identification, warnings, and instructions on chemical drums. Testing is required for pressure sensitive drum labels needing International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification and includes a 3-month exposure of labeled test plates at mid-tide. BS 5609 Section 2 sets out various durability criteria which stipulate minimum standards for labels to be used in “Marine Environments.”
Technicote’s offering of BS 5609 compliant materials for chemical drum labeling now includes:

• #81231 – 2 mil Matte White CP Polyester/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81232 – 2 mil White TC Polyester/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81233 – 3.2 mil C2S Polyart®/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81234 – 4 mil Flexible White NTC Vinyl/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81235 – 3.5 mil Techniflex/DL400/3.4 LF

• #447 – 3.8 mil C2S Polyart®/DL400/3.4 LF

Featured on the company’s new DL400 adhesive, Technicote recommends these high strength film products where long-term durability and resistance to harsh conditions is required. DL400 is an aggressive adhesive that has been specifically formulated for use in label applications such as chemical and barrel drums, lawn and garden equipment and household and commercial appliances. DL400 offers outstanding adhesion to painted steel drums, fiber drums and a variety of plastic drums under high moisture conditions, as well as direct exposure to chemicals, solvents and UV rays.
For more information on Technicote’s BS 5609 compliant durable films, please call 800-358-4446 or email