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Sub Zero Freezer Grade Adhesive

Freezing temperatures create some of the most demanding challenges for label adhesives. You can’t trust a general purpose adhesive to withstand the unique demands of these conditions. That’s why Technicote has created Sub Zero — hot melt adhesive specifically created to face the stress of your customers’ frozen storage and shipping environments.

Freezer Grade Adhesive

Sub Zero is an aggressive rubber based hot melt adhesive designed to work in challenging freezer applications. This adhesive displays high initial tack and ultimate adhesion when applied to a variety of packages in typically demanding freezer temperatures as low as -15°.

A Variety of Applications

It can be used on a number of substrates including corrugated, rough surfaces, flexible packaging, varnished paperboard, and packages exposed to frost. Sub Zero is perfect for food distribution, packaged poultry and meats, and logistics where frozen conditions are experienced.

Flexible Solutions

Our Sub Zero adhesive can be combined with a number of facestocks and liners to provide the perfect solution to your customers’ needs. Plus, these finished items can be created for minimum orders of 2500′ through Technicote’s unparalleled Tech 25 program.

Engineered Innovations

Have a challenging application that can’t be addressed with an existing adhesive? Technicote will work with you to create the perfect custom adhesive. Our team of professionals has spent decades innovating label and packaging solutions for a variety of applications, environments and materials. Utilizing that broad experience, our asset base and go-to-market strategy, we can rapid prototype an original hot melt product specifically for your customer’s needs.

Product Brochure

For more information and technical specifications, download our Sub Zero Brochure.

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