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Pegasus Diamond Facestock

That premium look and first impression with your label and the customer is the most critical interaction in regards to whether or not that product will end up in their cart or back on the shelf. Pegasus Diamond takes all of the worry of whether or not the quality of the label will hold up and lets you rest assured that your product will be shown off in the brightest and whitest facestock offered and is sure to stand apart from the rest.

Premium and Superior Performance

Pegasus Diamond Facestock is an ultra bright paper that delivers a high-end experience with a premium look and finish that will drive shelf appeal through its smooth finish and 96% white formulation. It features a wet strength additive that increases resistance to tearing and shriveling in most environments.

Tactile Labelstock

Pegasus Diamond allows the design to go beyond the artwork as it embosses, foil stamps and varnishes beautifully. Pair this with Technicote’s new & improved IP400, a stronger wet-strength adhesive that allows labels to stay in place, remain beautiful and legible maintaining integrity in wet conditions – and you have a label that puts others to shame.

Flexible Solutions

Our Pegasus Diamond Facestock can be combined with other Technicote adhesives to create a weld to provide an even stronger wine label that will deliver superb print characteristics & branding even in the most difficult wet or ice conditions preventing water from seeping through the back of the label and making it weak and discolored.

Engineered Innovations

Have a challenging application that can’t be addressed with an existing facestock? Technicote will work with you to create the perfect custom adhesive. Our team of professionals has spent decades innovating label and packaging solutions for a variety of applications, environments and materials. Utilizing that broad experience, our asset base and go-to-market strategy, we can rapid prototype an original hot melt product specifically for your customer’s needs.

Product Brochure

For more information and technical specifications, download our Pegasus Diamond Brochure.

Have questions around facestock applications? Email us for technical and product advice here.