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outdoor polyester label


Technicote’s line of durable outdoor polyester labels is perfect due to its weather-resistant properties. Our wide range of polyester materials can withstand extreme conditions such as sun, wind, rain, cold and heat while offering long-lasting quality. With our numerous facestocks, adhesives and lines there are hundreds of possible configurations to meet your specific demand.

Extreme durability for outdoor use

Technicote polyester materials are weather-resistant in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures ranging from xx° to xxx°.

A variety of outdoor label applications

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outdoor polyester label
outdoor durable label
outdoor durable polyester

Choose from the most facestocks available in the industry

Technicote offers a broad selection of face sheets combined with various adhesives and liners that have been engineered into hundreds of currently available configurations.

matte clear
Matte Clear
gloss clear
Gloss Clear
rainbow hologram polyester
stardust hologram polyester
Matte Silver
gloss silver
Gloss Silver
matte white polyester
Matte White
gloss white durable polyester
Gloss White

For more information

We’re here to help you create the custom solution your client needs. Looking for a short run? We can do it. Have a difficult application? We have the product. Need durable labels fast? We can deliver. No matter what your project is, Technicote has the solution!