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Better Solutions. Faster than Ever.

Introducing a new program for our California customers with a unique product portfolio designed to deliver the right solution at faster lead times than ever before. Technicote Express has an ever-growing list of facestocks, adhesives, and liners to deliver you the right solution. All express items have the opportunity to be customized to deliver the right solution for your application.

With a growing list out of our Corona, California plant, we are confident we can find a solution that will work best for you.

Component Catalog

Faster Lead Times

All Technicote Express items boast a competitive lead time of 5 days.

Limitless Solutions

The list of unique materials Technicote Express has will always be updating to provide the right solution for your customer’s application.

Small MOQ

Techicote will continue 2,500’ MOQ for Technicote Express Items.

Engineered Innovations

Have a challenging application that can’t be addressed with an existing adhesive? Technicote will work with you to create the perfect custom adhesive. Our team of professionals has spent decades innovating label and packaging solutions for a variety of applications, environments and materials. Utilizing that broad experience, our asset base and go-to-market strategy, we can rapid prototype an original hot melt product specifically for your customer’s needs.

Product Brochure

For more information and technical specifications, download our Technicote Express Brochure.

Have questions around freezer applications? Email us for technical and product advice here.