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Custom Specific Stock

At Technicote, we are constantly working on ways to help our customers with great products and services. Technicote carries inventory of customer specific stock in all four manufacturing facilities – ideally suited for a company that is using a custom product on a regular basis. The program is simple. You tell us what you need with minimum and maximum inventory levels and we will have your items in-stock ready to ship as you need. You’ll have the advantage of getting the right product with the best pricing while reducing inventory cost and knowing your material needs are met.

Custom Solutions for You

Each item is stocked based off a simple customer stocking agreement that includes agreed upon stocking levels for minimum and maximum inventory. Technicote manages these programs with custom system and physical stock locations.

Faster Orders

Usually, Technicote will stock the coated material and can ship finished slit orders within 2-3 business days. For customers that have consistent slitting needs, we can also stock the finished slit rolls for even faster turn-around.

Savings & Simplicity

Our Commitment to maintain inventory relieves carry costs and drives operational efficiency by knowing your material is ready. Technicote offers a hassle-free customer specific stocking agreement and makes it simple to use once you have a program with historical sales data and on-hand inventory immediately available from your customer service or sales representative.

Technical Support

Our dedicated team of technical experts will help develop the right product for your unique label need. Once a program is set-up, we create a specific warehouse for your products in our system and within the production facility.

Program Brochure

For more details and information on the customer specific stock check out our program brochure.

Questions? Contact our Customer Support team here.