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Product Change Notifications

Periodically, Technicote makes changes to its products and processes in order to continually improve in these areas. Because these changes may impact label qualification at the converter or end user level, we provide our customers with Product Change Notifications. Effective May 1st, 2013 Technicote, Inc. will begin announcing all product and/or service related changes of its line of pressure sensitive label products, Sil Tech release liner products, and Westfield sheeted products within the below section of the company website. These changes will include, but are not limited to General Announcements, Product Discontinuances, and Product/Process Change Notifications. Specific concerns or questions should be directed to the Technicote sales representative in your area.

Date of Change Product Type of Change Reason for Change Notification Details
3/12/13 2 mil Clear
Replacement Cost control 2 mil Clear Polystyrene
6/11/13 4 mil Vinyl Replacement Improved Service 4 mil White Flexible Vinyl
8/12/13 Change in Release
Replacement Improved Service Release Liner Change
12/10/13 50# EDP Replacement Improved Service 50# EDP