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BS 5609 Certification

Chemical Drum Labels

Technicote is pleased to offer a selection of pressure sensitive label products recommended for chemical drum & barrel applications. These materials are designed to withstand harsh weather and environments such as extreme heat, brutal cold, high moisture, dangerous chemicals, UV light and solvents. Because these labels will be used to identify the hazardous contents within the drum, as well as pictograms to illustrate warnings and instructions, the label must retain its permanence and legibility upon being exposed to these conditions.

Due to their high strength properties and resistance to harsh conditions, Technicote recommends only durable film substrates for drum label applications. These products include: 2 mil Matte White CP Polyester, 2 mil White TC Polyester, 3.2 mil C2S Polyart®, 4 mil Flexible White Vinyl, and 3.5 mil Techniflex White Polyolefin.

DL400 is an aggressive, emulsion acrylic adhesive that has been specifically formulated for use in durable label applications such as chemical & barrel drums, lawn & garden equipment and household & commercial appliances. This adhesive offers outstanding adhesion to painted steel drums, fiber drums and a variety of plastic drums under high moisture conditions, as well as direct exposure to chemicals, solvents and UV rays.


Item # Product Print Method Web Width MOQ Service
81231 2 mil Matte White CP
Polyester DL400/3.4 LF
WBF, UVF, Laser 27″ 500 MSI Stock
81232 2 mil White TC
Polyester DL400/3.4 LF
WBF, UVF, TT* 27″ 500 MSI Stock
81233 3.2 mil Polyart®
DL400/3.4 LF
WBF, UVF, TT* 27″ 500 MSI Stock
81234 4 mil Flexible White
NTC Vinyl DL400/3.4 LF
Requires converter
applied top coat prior to printing
30″ 500 MSI Stock
91234 4 mil Flexible White
TC Vinyl DL400/3.4 LF
WBF, UVF, TT* 27″ 500 MSI Custom Coat
81235 3.5 mil Techniflex
White Polyolefin DL400/3.4 LF
WBF, UVF, TT* 52″ 1
81236 2 mil White Polyprint DL400/3.4 LF WBF, UVF, TT*, Laser 27″ 500 MSI Custom Coat

The above listed products have been tested and conform to British Maritime BS 5609:1986 Section 2 – ‘Marine and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials’. BS 5609 is an internationally recognized standard used to determine the durability of labels applied to containers intended for marine shipment. Testing includes a 3 month exposure of labeled test plates in salt water off the south coast of England, and may be required for self adhesive drum labels needing International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification. Click on link below for view/print copies of certificates of conformance.

British Maritime BS 5609:1986 Section 2 Certificates