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Discover the Power of Polyester

The Technicote Polyester product line offers the durable solutions your customers need. Our products are built to retain their original quality while resisting harsh environmental conditions that include heat, moisture, scratches, tearing, chemicals, cleaners, and UV light. Plus, Technicote has a wide variety of polyester types, adhesives and liners that can be combined for the perfect unique solution. Partner with our engineers to develop the right product to maximize profits and protect your business using a uniquely engineered solution.

Choose from hundreds of configurations or make your own!

Technicote offers a broad selection of face sheets combined with various adhesives and liners that have been engineered into hundreds of currently available configurations. Need a custom solution that isn’t offered? Just talk to our engineers and we will create a new product specifically for you. Some of those options include the following:

Polyprint Polyester Label
• 1 face sheets
• 21 configurations

Silver Polyester Labels
• 5 face sheets
• 15 configurations

Clear Polyester Labels
• 7 face sheets
• 29 configurations

White Polyester Labels
• 2 face sheets
• 21 configurations


Technicote’s durable polyester products are perfect for a variety of demanding applications:

  • Electronics
  • Power Tools
  • Appliances
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Boats
  • VIN Labels
  • Variable Data
  • Many more!

More Information

For the list of available Polyester label solutions, download our Polyester Products Brochure or contact the Technicote team through the form below.