Sub Zero

Sub Zero

An aggressive rubber based hot melt adhesive designed to work in challenging freezer applications. This adhesive displays high initial tack and ultimate adhesion when applied under typically demanding freezer conditions. Recommended for freezer applications including frozen food and meat package labels and flash frozen food process. Sub Zero can be applied at temperatures as low as -15 F to a variety of surfaces, including those with some lever of frost present. Not recommended for applications above room temperature.

Adhesive Type: Freezer Perm Hot Melt
Shear: 180 min
Min Application Temp: -10° F
Service Temp: -40° F to 140° F

Typical Adhesion Values

Stainless Steel: 180° Peel: 4.3 lb/in,
    Loop Tack: 7.10 lb/in²
Glass: 180° Peel: 5.0 lb/in²
Polyethylene: 180° Peel: 4.1 lb/in²
Corrugated: 180° Peel: 3.5 lb/in²
Painted Metal: 180° Peel: 0.0 lb/in²

Regulatory Approval

RoHS: Yes
Prop 65: Yes
Indirect Food: Yes
Direct Food: No
UL: No