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Technicote’s Northeastern Distribution Facility Moves to New Location

During mid-June 2013, Technicote will be moving its northeast distribution center from its current location in Burlington, New Jersey, to a new facility in Fallsington, Pennsylvania (15 road miles apart). Our materials planning group has taken steps to build extra inventory to service our customers and provide uninterrupted service for all stock products during the move. Your Technicote sales representative will discuss your business expectations for the month of June with you, and help work through any special product requirements beyond normal label product demand.
The new Fallsington, PA facility will provide Technicote with improved business flow processes for its slitting operations, as well as inventory control needed to support growth. Freight charges will not change, and the transit time required for your orders will be the same as in the past.

101 Morrisville Road
Fallsington, PA 19054

Thank you for your continued interest in Technicote Pressure Sensitive Labeling Solutions.

Ralph Adkins
Director of Sales & Marketing

Technicote Hires Wayne Higaki as Director of Operations

Wayne Higaki joined Technicote as Director of Operations effective May 6. Wayne’s prior experience includes a broad background in operations management. Some of his previous roles include Director of Operations for American Decal, Operations Manager at Rexam Release, and plant manager of Avery Reflective. Most recently, he was General Manager of ITW’s Coding Products group outside Traverse City, MI.
Wayne earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Cleveland State University, and an MBA in Finance (also from Cleveland State). Wayne and his wife will be relocating from Traverse City, MI to Technicote’s corporate headquarters in Miamisburg, OH.

Please join us in welcoming Wayne to Technicote.

Technicote Achieves British Maritime BS 5609 Certification for Durable Label Line of Products

Technicote, Inc. has achieved British Standard BS 5609: Section 2 – ‘Marine and Laboratory Performance of Label Base Materials’ on six durable film pressure sensitive label products.
BS 5609 is a specification for adhesive coated products intended for marine use. Labels are typically used to display identification, warnings, and instructions on chemical drums. Testing is required for pressure sensitive drum labels needing International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification and includes a 3-month exposure of labeled test plates at mid-tide. BS 5609 Section 2 sets out various durability criteria which stipulate minimum standards for labels to be used in “Marine Environments.”
Technicote’s offering of BS 5609 compliant materials for chemical drum labeling now includes:

• #81231 – 2 mil Matte White CP Polyester/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81232 – 2 mil White TC Polyester/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81233 – 3.2 mil C2S Polyart®/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81234 – 4 mil Flexible White NTC Vinyl/DL400/3.4 LF

• #81235 – 3.5 mil Techniflex/DL400/3.4 LF

• #447 – 3.8 mil C2S Polyart®/DL400/3.4 LF

Featured on the company’s new DL400 adhesive, Technicote recommends these high strength film products where long-term durability and resistance to harsh conditions is required. DL400 is an aggressive adhesive that has been specifically formulated for use in label applications such as chemical and barrel drums, lawn and garden equipment and household and commercial appliances. DL400 offers outstanding adhesion to painted steel drums, fiber drums and a variety of plastic drums under high moisture conditions, as well as direct exposure to chemicals, solvents and UV rays.
For more information on Technicote’s BS 5609 compliant durable films, please call 800-358-4446 or email

Technicote’s Roots Remain Strong in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

One year after a devastating fire left a large portion of Technicote’s manufacturing plant in smoky ruins, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Tuesday, January 8th to announce the grand reopening of the newly renovated pressure sensitive adhesive and silicone coating facility located at 70 Marc Drive in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

The new building is 51,600 square feet; approximately 20% larger than the original structure to support additional expansion of the business including new equipment and upgrades. Operations are almost back to 100% from before the fire.

“A year ago when I was walking through the burned out shell of a building I could not have envisioned being here today celebrating the official opening of this facility,” recalled Doug O’Connell, President of Technicote. “I remember meeting with all the employees on Sunday afternoon, two days after the fire and telling them that we’d emerge from this set back stronger and better than ever. It’s very rewarding standing here today and seeing that vision being fulfilled.”

Technicote is very optimistic that with new manufacturing equipment, more efficient work flow processes, and expanded production capabilities, 2013 will be just the beginning for significant future sales growth for the company. “Our customers can look forward to our commitment to provide exceptional, specialty label and silicone coated liner products and an industry source for developing new product technology,” commented Gary Stover, Technicote’s Director of Marketing.

In closing, O’Connell thanked the multitude of people responsible for their efforts in the rebuilding project, including the local fire and police departments. “Most of all, I want to thank all of Technicote’s dedicated employees both here in Cuyahoga Falls, at Miamisburg, and at all our locations for working tirelessly to insure our success.”

Technicote, Inc. Hires Doug Henry as Director of Materials Management


Technicote, Inc. hires Doug Henry as Director of Materials Management

Doug has 20 years’ experience in Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Management with a variety of companies including Monarch Marking Systems, NCR, and most recently AK Steel.

As a member of the Leadership Team, Doug will be responsible for all Raw Material contracting, procurement, and scheduling. In addition he will manage our Vendor Performance Measurement program, assist in the implementation of our ERP system, and work across all functions to make the best balanced decisions for the Company, Business, and Customer.

Doug is a 1992 graduate of Wilmington College and holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Marketing and Psychology.

Rebuilding Technicote’s Cuyahoga Falls Operation

We at Technicote have been hard at work rebuilding the Cuyahoga Falls, OH plant, and wanted to provide you with an update. It’s been nearly nine months since the fire that destroyed most of our manufacturing facility on Marc Dr. in Cuyahoga Falls.

As you’re aware, we relocated some of the equipment that wasn’t damaged in the fire to an offsite facility in nearby Akron, OH synthroid 75 mcg. We continue to operate one coater in the Marc Dr. facility. The balance of the business that had been supplied from Cuyahoga Falls was transferred to other Technicote plants.

Technicote’s goal immediately following the fire was to replace the lost capacity with more capable equipment, while retaining the talented workforce that has been a big part of our success. After evaluating a number of different locations, we decided to rebuild the plant on the same site, with the goal to have a larger and more capable facility than the one we lost.

We’re delighted to let you know we’re ahead of schedule on many of our activities. The building is 90% completed, and new equipment is now being delivered to the plant. The installation process will start later this month. Startup of this equipment will be in the 4th quarter. We expect to ship product to customers late in the 4th quarter.

You’re invited to stop by Technicote Booth #1547 during Label Expo Americas, 2012, where we’ll be showing a slideshow of “before” and “after” pictures.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued patience during this recovery process. Through persistent effort and dedication, Technicote will attain its goal to improve manufacturing capabilities and service to its customers for years to come.

Technicote Launches New Drum Label Product Line

Technicote is pleased to introduce a new selection of pressure sensitive label products recommended for chemical drum & barrel applications. Featured on the company’s new DL400 adhesive, these materials are designed to withstand harsh weather and environments such as extreme heat, brutal cold, high moisture, dangerous chemicals, UV light and solvents. Because these labels will be used to identify the hazardous contents within the drum, as well as pictograms to illustrate warnings and instructions, the label must retain its permanence and legibility upon being exposed to these conditions.

Technicote’s drum label product line includes three high strength label face stocks that when combined with DL400 emulsion acrylic adhesive is the optimum solution for durable labeling requirements.

• 2 mil White TC Polyester is a glossy white top-coated film with outstanding outdoor durability, chemical and weather resistance. This film is compatible with water-based flexo, UV flexo, and thermal transfer print methods.

• 4 mil Flexible White NTC Vinyl is a smooth, matte white, non –top-coated film with polymeric plasticizers, formulated to provide high durability, as well as chemical and moisture resistance. Excellent outdoor durability. Requires converter applied top-coat or ink recommended by ink supplier prior to printing this NTC film.

• 3.5 mil White Techni-Flex Polyolefin is a matte white label film that offers excellent moisture resistance, chemical resistance, smudge resistance, dimensional stability and squeezability. .

DL400 is an aggressive emulsion acrylic adhesive that has been specifically formulated for use in durable label applications such as chemical & barrel drums, lawn & garden equipment and household & commercial appliances. This adhesive offers outstanding adhesion to painted steel drums, fiber drums and a variety of plastic drums under high moisture conditions, as well as direct exposure to chemicals, solvents and UV rays.

Technicote’s drum label product line is stocked in out of the company’s Cuyahoga Falls, OH manufacturing plant. For more information, please contact Technicote’s Miamisburg, OH corporate offices at 800-358-4446.

Technicote Announces Plans to Rebuild Cuyahoga Falls, OH Plant

Shortly after the tragic fire on Dec. 16th that destroyed the bulk of Technicote’s Cuyahoga Falls, OH plant, the company started evaluating different options to replace the capacity that was lost. The key factors in all the deliberations were how to improve our capabilities and be an even better supplier for our customers.

“After evaluating numerous options in various states and sites, we concluded rebuilding at our current location in Cuyahoga Falls, OH was the best option” stated Doug O’Connell, President of Technicote. “We were anxious to retain our experienced workforce, since they’re one of the keys to producing the unique products we offer. Rebuilding on the same site makes it easiest on our employees. Another factor was that the city of Cuyahoga Falls has been great to work with throughout this process. Finally, we were able to find a builder who can get our facility completed in a reasonably short timeframe.”

Technicote is now going through the approval process with city and county officials. The new manufacturing facility will include totally new state-of-the art adhesive and silicone coaters, new wide web slitters and an improved process flow design throughout the plant.

We expect this new facility to be operational in the 4th quarter of 2012 and to resume the manufacture of many specialty coated pressure sensitive products that other Technicote facilities have been producing for our customers. Our sincere appreciation goes out to our many customers that have been patient with Technicote during this difficult recovery period