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Election Campaign Material

Technicote offers a variety of materials that can drive recognition and awareness whether your applications are indoors or outdoors. Campaign stickers may be worn and will be especially prominent during face to face interaction, bumper stickers may be used to show candidate support from distances, and window decals may be used indoors or outdoors to display pictures, slogans, and information relative to the candidate and campaign itself.

Technicote brings a unique combination of experienced technical staff and broad portfolio to help select the best product for you. Technciote offers campaign sticker materials in both roll-fed and sheeted products.

Portfolio Variety

Campaign material has a wide portfolio. Whether you are looking for campaign stickers, bumper stickers or window decals we have a variety of both premium and economical options to suit your needs.

Dimensional Stability

Our kids stickers offer dimensional stability, allowing the product to maintain its original shape and dimensions throughout the manufacturing process, storage and product use.

Flexible Solutions

Our campaign materials can be combined with a number of facestocks and liners to provide the perfect solution to your customers’ needs. Below you will see the unique and specialized catalog for each of our campaign categories.

60# Ultra White SemiglossTS5233.4 Mil Layflat
55# Hibright White SemiglossTP1704.6 Mil Layflat
Technigloss II 57#TR445
Bright Silver Lam FoilTR440
Dull Silver Lam Foil
Bright Gold Lam Foil
Dull Gold Lam Foil
2.3 Mil Polar White Bopp
2.3 Mil Pearl White Bopp
2.3 Mil Pearl White BoppTS5233.4 Mil Layflat
2.3 Mil Polar White BoppTP1704.6 Mil Layflat
2.3 Mil Crystal White BoppTR140# SCK L-5
4 Mil Flexible White TC VinylTM-6550# SCK L-5
4 Mil White Vinyl DTC
4 Mil Flexible White TC VinylTM-653.4 Mil Layflat
4 Mil Flexible White NTC VinylTR4404.6 Mil Layflat
4 Mil Frosty Clear TC VinylTR180# Scoreback
4 Mil Frosty Clear NTC Vinyl
4 Mil Flex Yellow TC Vinyl
4 Mil Flex Yellow NTC Vinyl

We Are Here to Help

Have a challenging application that can’t be addressed with an existing adhesive? Technicote will work with you to create the perfect custom adhesive. Our team of professionals has spent decades innovating label and packaging solutions for a variety of applications, environments and materials. Utilizing that broad experience, our asset base and go-to-market strategy, we can rapid prototype an original hot melt product specifically for your customer’s needs.

Technicote has manufacturing and distribution facilities across North America and has grown steadily from its founding in 1980 to be a major supplier to the release liner and pressure sensitive roll label industries. We heard from many customers that their needs could be better met in the industry if they could order much lower custom-coat minimums. So we developed processes and procedures to do just that.

Have questions around sticker applications? Email us for technical and product advice here.